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DNF- meh

Upside Down - Lia Riley

This is fairly well written though the are times when it is working WAY too hard. For example: "She gazes at me like an implacable jury forewoman, about to pronounce a verdict of guilt." It feels forced and pulls me right out of the story. Stuff like this is all through out the story, along with countless other New Adult cliches that made me roll my eyes and wonder when the slut shaming and inevitable "misunderstanding" were going to happen.

It's tropey as hell, which isn't a bad thing in my book, but said none of these tropes are ones I like. In fact, they're ones I loathe. Namely "poor little rich girl" is the worst. I own that *I* have a REALLY hard time caring at all about someone with enough money to just drop everything and fly half way around the world to runaway from their problems.

Despite these nitpicks I think the story has some good points. So really me and this book are just not a good fit.