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I've read 13%: All the flails

A Gentleman in the Street - Alisha Rai

 Thanks to this opening scene the role of Jacob will be played (in my head) by Chris Evans.

  • "Don't be a type, girl." - Amen! I love Akira so much.
  • Amira's a great example of how to switch up a trope into something I can not only dig, but identify with. She maybe rich, but she's also intelligent, confident and unapologetically sexual. I can believe she's a savvy business woman. She is no "poor little rich girl." Me like.
  • The UST between these two is fogging up my glasses and how Jacob chooses to "handle" it almost killed me. Sweet baby Cthulhu this book is HOT!
  • Googling gas huffing. Bwahahaha
  • Men who are vocally against slut shaming has now been added to my list of turn ons. *drools*
  • Akira is a an awesome boss. I hope we get to meet Kim.
  • "He was the one who twitched, his finger gliding over her lower lip, coming to a rest against the center. Acting on instinct, her tongue flicked out, making contact with his skin."