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I've read 24%: It's getting hot in here...

A Gentleman in the Street - Alisha Rai
  • Jacob No! ARG!
  • He's in a suit. That was the sound of my panties being flung across the room.
  • Sweet baby Cthulhu! That escalated quickly.
  • "Fuck her." 
  • "Now we can forget it. Well. You can try." 
  • No time to update. Too busy knitting a super hero cape for Akira because she fucking rocks! I was punching the air every time she spoke. Imagine I found a gif of her standing in front of 10 foot tall neon sign that says "FLAWLESS"
  • "It didn't matter he hadn't intended it. What mattered was how he had made her feel." BOOM! Thank you. Also love Jacob's brothers, Connor and Ben.