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On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young Flounced this in the preview chapters. Reads like the opening of Mary Sue fan fiction and judging by the descriptions of the male lead (Braden is wealthy, attractive, and has a tendency to be a bit of an overbearing ass.)it's borrows heavily from Twilight. Jocylen aka Joss' life is turned upside down when her entire family (parents and baby sister) die in a car accident. There should be a Fan Fic/YA version of the Women in Refrigerator trope for parents/families who are conveniently eliminated to give the heroine a more complex, drama laden past. You know, rather than actually creating a three dimensional female character. While this story is listed as an romance erotic the writing and storytelling style scream YA or fan fiction, fantasy fulfillment. No thank you. If I want to read that, I can do it for free and with female characters who have a personality.