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The Mistress Files (The Original Sinners #3.5)

The Mistress Files - Tiffany Reisz

If you’re a fan of Tiffany’s Original Sinners series, like me, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the next book, The Mistress. Luckily, she’s seen fit to give us a little something to tide us over while we wait. Boy oh boy is this a yummy snack to whet our appetites.

I know my way around a vagina.

The premise is simple. Kingsley has asked Nora to write up her experiences with some of her best or favorite clients. Some of new and some are familiar faces, but all the events in these sessions are sexy, surprising and satisfying. Mistress Nora wouldn’t have it any way else.

"I'm nice to all my clients even when I’m beating the shit out of them."

This book is most definitely for fans of Nora. Though those who love Sheridan and Kingsley will not be disappointed. However, this is really Nora at her best and most hilarious. I put this in my status updates while reading and it really is true. Nora is a sexy Bugs Bunny, in the best sort of way.

It is very rare to see a woman give this much freedom and power even in the female dominated media of erotica. That is one of the things I find so delightful about Nora and these series. While other erotica/erotic romances take themselves so seriously, thrive on drama and even a bit of shame, Mistress Nora will have none of that shit. She makes people laugh, even when she’s making them come or scream with pain.

"I trust you, Mistress."

"Good. Now let’s go beat and fuck your wife."

Her confidence and pure joy in what she does allows her to spread that joy to those around her, and the reader too. I think too often both in fiction and real life bedrooms, people take sex way too seriously. They forget to laugh, have fun and fucking enjoy themselves. This is part of what Nora gives to her clients, along with multiple orgasms and beautiful welts.

Oh, yeah. Don’t forget Tiffany’s motto. It’s not erotica until someone gets hurt. Trust me a lot of somebodies get hurt along the way. Hymens are broken, men are pegged, and there’s even some bloodshed. Every sentence of it is sexy as hell.

The Mistress Files is a perfect introduction to the world of the Original Sinners. It’s short and divided into short, easy to digest vignettes. Though, I should warn the newbies. This series isn’t for the faint of heart. Reisz portrays the reality of BDSM, not the polished, watered-down fantasies that so many wanna-be authors try to pass off as BDSM. This book has scenes involving lesbian sex, pegging, the use of sexy toys, cutting, flogging, a gangbang and a sassy Mistress who has no problem telling it like it is. God bless her.

How would she see his hunger, his need, his humble desperation, if she didn’t see his eyes?

If you’re a fan of BDSM erotica, strong female characters or just curious to see realistic, positive portrayals of sexual exploration and love, this just might be the book for you.