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Moving Your Books from GoodReads to BookLikes

So you want to start using BookLikes, but the prospect of manually adding your ENTIRE library of books/reviews is daunting, to say the least. Do not fear. There's an easy way to move your entire book list (including reviews and shelves) from GoodReads and import it into BookLikes. Here is how.

Step 1 Log into GoodReads. Go to your book shelves (Click My Books).




Step 2 Once you’re on your book shelves page, scroll down until you see Add Shelf (on the bottom left side of the page). Click the import/export link.




Step 3 Click the export to a csv file link (on the top right side of the page). This will download a csv file to your computer. Be sure to note where this file is located, you’re going to need it for step 6.




Step 4 Log into BookLikes. Go to Settings (Click on the gear symbol on the top right side of the page).




Step 5 Click on the Import tab on the settings page.




Step 6 Choose the csv file from your computer. Click the Import button.




Give BookLikes a few minutes to process the file and it will return a report of all the books it has queued for import and any errors it found. It will also give you an estimated time for the import to complete (mine was 712 hours, but I have over a thousand books on my list). At this point you can leave the page and the import will continue automatically. All done.


You will see your books and reviews, along with any shelves you created on GoodReads appear on your Booklikes profile. Approximately 8 hours after I did the import, BookLikes already have 200 books/reviews uploaded. So it works at a steady pace and saves you time you could be using to read.


Feel free to leave in questions in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them as quickly as I can. Also let me know if you’d like a tutorial for exporting your GoodReads profile to LibraryThing. Or any other BookLikes tutorials. Happy Reading. J

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