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Disarm (DISARM, #1)

Disarm (DISARM, #1) - June Gray Originally posted on the Perv Pack Smut Shack's Sexy Reads.I have a few weak spots when it comes to romantic fiction. One is the crush on the brother’s best friend and the other is my love of military men. Disarm scratched both those itches and then some.Elsie shares an apartment with long time friend, and surrogate big brother Henry. The two have known each other for years and Elsie even nurse a crush for her brother’s best friend for most of that time. Then her brother died in action and Henry was all she had. He became her emotional support system and that’s a big part of why I fell hard for these two. I plowed through this quick read in an afternoon. It wouldn’t have taken that long, but I had chores to do. I haven’t smiled this much while reading a while. 
These two are so sweet and cute, it made me groan in all the right ways. From the start I was game for them to get it the fuck on. Henry was so obviously into Elsie and she was predictably oblivious to it. The game of cat and mouse doesn’t go on for long, thankfully. When they get together it is hot and emotionally intense, just how I like it. Here’s the thing. This isn’t that complex of a plot, after all it’s the start of a series. However, because I loved the set up and the genre I was fine with all it. In fact, it was just the smutty bit of emotional catharsis I needed for stress relief. There is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Elsie is fun, and relatable, but with a core of emotional turmoil that gives her a nice edge. She’s no withering flower, or a sassy talking tough nut. I love the balance in her characters that makes her feel like a real person and not just a avatar for my sexual fantasies about Henry. Oh Henry, and I am not talking about the candy bar. Sexy, masculine military man. It’s a fetish of mine that is hard for me to indulge in, mostly because many romance authors turn them into meathead cliches. Thankfully, Henry is all man, and so very real. He is funny, and compassionate. Tough and gently in all the right places. You can really believe that he was both the awkward young guy that Elsie crushed on and this strong, courageous man who’s headed off for war. GAH! I’m actually surprised I’ve been able to be coherent, because these two have me all kinds of inarticulate giddy. They’re adorable, and complicated, with a dash of angsty. After all, Gray has said she wrote this series to show her own very real experience with being the spouse of a serviceman and it shows in all the details of the story that most people unfamiliar with the armed forces wouldn’t see. I have many family members in the military and I saw, it really added a lot to the story for me. Important things to know before starting this book. This is the first part of a series of novelettes detailing the story of Elsie and Henry. They are self published and have a few errors here and there, nothing bad enough to list. But if you’re a stickler it might bother you. If you like these sound of the story, it is worth give Disarm a try. It’s free and so worth the quick sexy read.