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His Roommate's Pleasure

His Roommate's Pleasure - Lana McGregor His Roommate’s Pleasure starts with all the ingredients of a fun porny fantasy, but quickly reveals itself to be a surprisingly sex positive, and heartwarming story. I know most people don’t associate sweet, heartwarming romance with BDSM. Honestly, that’s one of the biggest issues I have with a lot of the popular BDSM erotica on the market.Adam and Josh are NOT a tortured millionaire and a naive nincompoop hip-wading through artificial angst to find love despite the “burden” of BDSM. These are two regular guys, college students and roommates, who both share an intense connection via their shared enjoyment of kinky sex play. These two have palpable chemistry, believable interactions and enjoy themselves while having sex, especially as they explore BDSM fantasies together. Laughter during sex is a rare thing to see in erotica or romance (which is a real shame), but it is not in short supply here. Both Adam and Josh find a haven in their sexual relationship, a safe place where their desires, no matter how kinky, are not only accepted, but celebrated. Angst, shame and melodrama are the stock and trade of most novels in the genres of New Adult, BDSM Erotica and (sadly) LGBTQ. While His Roommate’s Pleasure fits into each one of these genres, it transcends the cliches and tropes of all to deliver a refreshingly happy story featuring emotionally sound and mature characters, who actually communicate their needs and even stand up for themselves.Another reviewer (on GoodReads) said this book fits the New Adult genre. I agree and will take it one step further and say this book is what the New Adult genre SHOULD BE! His Roommate’s Pleasure puts a positive, but realistic spin on the classic themes of sexual self discovery, and navigating new relationships. College is the time when many young people not only learn to be adults, but also come to terms with their own sexual identity and explore sex with others. So often we see stories that portray this journey as perilous and fraught with heartbreak, especially when the protagonists are LGBTQ. That is until now.FINALLY I get happy, joyful gay men having great sex and enjoying it! Add in that this book has some the most accurate and respectful representation of BDSM, specifically the desires and needs behind the terminology, and I was in heaven while reading. I would recommend His Roommate’s Pleasure to fans of books featuring LGBTQ characters and themes, readers looking for realistic and respectful portrayals of BDSM and/or fans of New Adult books looking for something new and sexy.