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Quid Pro Quo (Market Garden)

Quid Pro Quo  - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov How much do I LOVE positive portrayals of sex work/sex workers? [Spoiler alert: A LOT!]This little smutty story of wonder is straight to business and no nonsense sexy times. Jared and Tristan are rent boys (or prostitutes to us Americans) waiting around for a client on a slow day at the Market Garden, a high end brothel. The boys don’t have to wait for long. An interested john appears with a very particular taste. He wants them both for a night, but the catch is he into watching. Now, normally this wouldn’t be that special, but Jared has been nursing a crush on Tristan pretty much since he started working at Market Garden. Thus begins the longest night, and possibly the greatest sex of his life.I adore the emotional wrinkle in what could have easily been a very “wham bam” sex story. Jared’s tension added to the atmosphere and eroticism of the story. It is easy to see why he likes Tristan. That boy is sex on two legs, with a brain to boot.This boy isn’t just a pretty face. He knows how to work a client and plays a fascinating game of baiting and then reeling in the john (or rather his money) while seducing Jared. While there isn’t any traditional set pieces of BDSM, this story has an undercurrent of power play, dominance and submission, even delayed orgasm play that will appeal to fans of the D/s dynamic. In fact, I felt like the author did a wonderful job of balancing the realism of sex for pay with eroticism, leaving this story hovering in the tension-filled middle ground. This however is not a romance. Not in the traditional sense. It is about sex, and compatibility with a dash of taboo for flavor. If you like gay erotica and D/s dynamics this just might be the book for you. I know that I’m going to continuing reading the entire series. Mark me down and hooked. Disclaimer: I was give a free copy to read in exchange for an honest review.