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The Billionaire Who Boned Me (Diary of a Fuckdoll Part 1)

The Billionaire Who Boned Me (Diary of a Fuckdoll Part 1) - A. Violet End Right off the bat in the very first scene of this book the main characters safe word is disregarded by her Dom and he comes inside her without her permission. Not only am I pissed that there wasn't any warning for this (since there are many readers who would have deep personal issues with this and some victims of sexual assault can even be triggered by scenes like this one), but it treats a transgression that in the real BDSM community is tantamount to abuse/rape like he burped at the dinner table. Which is a strong indication that author has little to no understanding or experience in the lifestyle.Strike One!The descriptive language in the sex scene is cliche and unappealing. Not to mention the complete lack of proper editing (horrible grammar and repetitive phrases)."...his hard cock pulsing and throbbing within me, shooting his load inside me..."Strike Two!The dialogue is so laughably horrible I'm afraid if I continued to read I might laugh so hard I'll piss myself. "Sugarpuss, why do you swear it?"Strike Three! Even for a free erotica novel this is pretty bad. There are far better free books to be found. Don't waste your time on this one.