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Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance - Miya Kressin I bought this because I was curious about the author's writing and I can't resist polyamory stories. It's a kink. *shrug*I liked this short story. Though the erotic scenes were a bit fluffy and had bit of the purple prose that make me eye-roll, cause I'm a cynical, crude, asshole. Still their relationship was sweet, sexy and surprisingly realistic. I think that's what I like the most about this story was the realism. FINALLY, I find a erotic story about polyamory, in a modern day setting that is written by someone that actually knows something about it. Really, it's not that hard to research and understand how open relationships work, and it was obvious that Kressin did her homework, and then some.In Perfect Balance we see a couple, Cara and Kyle (who have a open, kind of, relationship and see other people) who meet a attractive young man, Jared. Instead of giving us some ridiculously, non-sensical whoops moment that lands these three in bed together (which a lot of romance/erotica novel's do) here we see the slow progression of a mature romance between a couple and another man. Their boundaries are specific and realistic. It was refreshing to see someone show how couples build this trust through mature and honest communication. I especially enjoyed the intimate moments between the boys, and would have loved to see more, but I also kind of loved that Cara wanted to give them time alone. So, if you are looking for the typical erotic threesome fare of the stunningly beautiful woman that's being double-stuffed by two manly studs that only have eyes for her, you might not dig this. However, if you're open to something more realistic and heartfelt I suggest giving Perfect Balance a try. It makes for some good "one-handed" reading if you're into realistic polyamory and don't mind fluffy, romantic erotica.