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Sweetest Mistress - Skye Warren

I should say that this story isn't for everybody, but if you enjoy male submissive play than it's fun. The plot is thin, and the female lead, Melissa, is a cypher, but Wyle made this story for me. His character voice, and brutal honesty was so endearing that my main points of frustration with the plot of the story is that I wish he had a better love story. Wyle is a submissive that really has no point of reference to know what he is, but he expresses it so clearly in his internal monologue. He is surprised that he is so lucky to get a date with a beautiful, sexy young girl. He is humble and hopeful that he might get a good night kiss, so when he gets MUCH more he is so fucking thankful he is willing to go further than he has ever gone before with a woman.If you like femDom/Malesub play this will be an entertaining read, but know that the plot is thin, and there's little to no explanation for Melissa's dominant-ish behavior and sexual knowledge. I say ish, because she is really wishy-washy, saying things like "I like it if you do." I don't know if it's meant to make her look manipulative, i.e. that her permissiveness Wyle the courage to express his own desires. However, it just feels off. She switches from doe-eyed, sweetheart to a large and in charge Dominatrix with now perceivable rhyme or reason. At one point I wondered if she had Dissociative disorders (multiple personalities), but that is not the case. While this flaw in the character was distracting enough to pull me out of the story at times, I loved Wyle enough to ignore Melissa's annoying flip flopping. Again, Wyle made this book for me. His internal monologue had me laughing, and even offered some very true insight about how fucking crazy/contradictory and plain confusing women can be when it comes to sex (especially, those who dabble in kinky sex play). If you can't tell, I'm kind of smitten with him, and I really wish he had a better partner than Melissa.The sex is hot, lovingly described and surprisingly faithful to actual D/s play. Totally worth the download, and honestly I wouldn't have minded paying for it either. Warren's writing style, and male characterization was impressive and a delight to read.[This review is brought to you by two beers, and half a bottle of wine.]