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Oathbreakers (Vows and Honor Series #2)

Oathbreakers - Mercedes Lackey See my review about the first book in the series The Oathbound.While you don't need to read the first book in order to enjoy this one, if you love this one I highly recommend going back and reading the first one. This story revolves around the disappearance of Idra, commander of the Sunhawks mercenaries. Tarma and Kethry are the members of the mercenary company who lead an investigation into what happened to their beloved leader. The mystery isn't the that complex or really the appeal of the story, but rather the elaborate plan that results of a very satisfying climax. As well as the heart-clenching bond all of the Sunhawks feel for Idra. Again this is a fantastic fantasy novel. Filled with humor, though this story has a great deal of darkness and a fair amount of sadness. There is a surprise romance, though it is not the focus of the story. Instead the focus is friendship and loyalty, with a platonic relationship (between two women) center stage. The book may have been published over twenty years ago, but it still does a far better job of female representation and diversity than most modern fantasy novels.