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Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome - Rudy Simone I've struggled with writing this review, because this book has good qualities and I think it's very helpful for someone who suspects that they or their child has AS. However, it is heavily slanted by the personal experiences and point of view of the author. So much so that at times it put me off or distracted me from the information I wanted. I would recommend this book to teen and adult readers, but there's not much that can help a young child. Though there are stories that can help the parent of a young child better understand their behavior. I would also recommend this book to anyone interested in better understanding AS, and especially for anyone looking to better understand how gender is a factor in diagnose and social acceptance of disabilities like AS and Autism. I ESPECIALLY recommend this book to mothers of autistic children. I suspect that many of us actually have undiagnosed AS and reading this book really highlights the similarities I share with my children and helped me better understand and empathize with them. On the whole this a good, book, a fast read and very informative. I just wish there had been some other, contrasting opinions and experiences to balance the author's views.