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Hounded - Kevin Hearne Got a free copy of this at Comic Con. I'll warn you, I skimmed the first few pages and laughed out loud at how it reads like a Gary Stu fan fic. No, seriously this is NOT good and I'm AMAZED at how many stars it has. I'll keep reading, despite my completely lack of belief in the premise and loathing for the self-centered douchebag of a main character. Seriously, this many stars for a book that has a two thousand year old immortal saying "bat-shit insane" twice, in the same paragraph in back to back sentences? Wow, I guess "Mary SueGary Stu, self insert fan fiction" is only worthy of ridicule if it's written by women and features sparkly vampires. If it's written by a man and features a Druid/Tattooed Dude it is literary gold. Good to know.