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Finder, Volume 1: Target in the Finder - Ayano Yamane I'm not going to beat around the bush, this is a rape fantasy, in all the cliche, stylized glory that yaoi manga is known for. The plot is thin, the overall story arc (outside of the unconventional love affair) makes little to no sense and really the only purpose any of it serves is to put Akihito and Asami together so they can have hot, dubious consent, sex. Really the most compelling parts of the story, for me, is the beautiful art and the characterizations of the leads. Akihito has moments of wit, courage and real human emotions, especially when he's coming to grips with his growing sexual attraction to Asami. The despicable gangster and murder who raped him. Asami is the anti-hero alpha male stereotype of most rape/damsel and the scoundrel fantasies. He is Yakuza, Japanese mafia, and he is a murder, though the only people we see him kill in the story are people who pose a threat to Akihito. He is also possessive and sexual dominant. Really this manga is pure escapism at it's very best. Complete with convoluted storyline, sometimes laughable dialogue translations and breathtaking art that softens the edges of the otherwise distasteful and disturbing content. Again all of which beloved hallmarks of great manga. I would recommend this to fans of m/m and yaoi who do not mind dark, problematic content and enjoy extreme (often unrealistic) Dominance and Submission fantasies. There are aspects fetishized shame and humiliation in how Akihito struggles with being sexual aroused while be sexual abuse and feeling emotionally attached to Asami. Not to mention a fair bit of straight up, stylized, bondage. Again this isn't for the faint of heart and anyone who has issues with reading/looking at graphic depictions of rape or sexual abuse SHOULD NOT READ THIS BOOK.