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The Guide to Getting It On: A New & Mostly Wonderful Book About Sex - Paul Joannides Orientally posted on The Perv Pack's Smut Shack. I’ve actually had a copy of The Guide to Getting It On for close to seven years now. It has served as a great resource, reference and just a straight up entertaining read. Unlike a lot of other books about sex this book has a frank, but humorous tone to it. I mean with chapters titles like Nipples, Nipples, Nipples and The Zen of Finger Fucking, you know this book isn’t your standard, stale guide to human sexuality. Right off the bat with the Alpha Chapter Joannides sets the tone by introducing us to the idea of the Goofy Foot Philosophy “that it doesn’t matter what you’ve got in your pants if there’s nothing in your brain to connect it to.” This tone carries through the entire book. Giving a practical guide to just about every aspect of sex you can think of, from anal sex to family planning and even how to explain sex to kids. It also features excerpts from Joannides’ weekly column The Naked Truth. One of my favorite one is a letter from a frustrated guy name Randy who had wined and dined a young women, but didn’t get laid. The response to his plea for help began with “You might be confusing romance with prostitution.” I laughed so hard I almost dropped the book. The book also covers sexual anatomy, delving head long into What’s Inside a Girl? Common myths about women’s sexuality are dispelled and detailed diagrams and explinations of female gentials is laid out alongside beautiful illustrations by the talented Dærick Gröss. Fans of the penis do not despair. The dick gets a spotlight too. One of my favorite part is the awesomely titled The Zen of Finger Fucking, where an entire chapter is dedicated to digital stimulation. Numerous sources, including interviews from actual women are used to give an informed explanation of “finger fucking” as well as giving tips on how best to bring a woman unbelievable pleasure by using your fingers. A similar detailed approach is taken with handjobs, oral sex and of course intercourse, or Horizontal Jogging as it is called in the book. There are even chapters on how to masturbate, pick a sex toy, homosexuality, bisexuality and even kink. It even addresses Sex When You’re Horny and Disabled.The Guide to Getting It On is a great resource for anyone curious about sex. Whether you’re a virgin or an old hat at sex it has something interesting, insightful and down right funny to entertain you.