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Daisy Dominatrix - Jennifer L. Hart I read Catwoman and Dominatrix and I was all over this story. Sadly, it bored me to death before it got to the actual story (aka dominatrix parts).I liked the idea that the heroine used Catwoman as an avatar for her sexier, stronger alter-ego, but it was also apparent that Daisy/the author neither knew or cared about the actual character of Catwoman. Which bothered me, as a comic book fan who was looking forward to having a fun kinky tribute to one of my favorite fictional heroines.Setting that aside the start of the books is a very information heavy introduction to the lead and her day to day life as an accountant, with slivers of her darker, fantasy life as Catwoman. But it felt like we got way too much information that I just didn't care about, like her accounting client Chole, who was a ridiculous cliche of an erotica/romance writer. (Side note: I felt Chole was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek poke at the genre this book is from, but it wasn't funny and wasted way too much of my time.)Also, for a woman who has embraced her sexuality and specifically her desire to dominate men I didn't feel like Daisy actually knew anything about the BDSM lifestyle or even what domination was like, much like why it would be appealing for a woman. The portrayal of dominance felt like an outsiders perspective, it amounted to playing dress up and shouting orders at men. That really disappointed me since when you put the name Dominatrix in the title of a novel I expect to see at least a little honest to god Domination. Sadly, this book reads more like "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" with a VERY light BDSM theme, that has a lot more to do with dressing up and role playing as comic book characters (written by someone who know nothing of the actual comic book characters).This is miss-packaged and very disappointing for me.