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A Lady of the Realm (House of DeDe, #1) - Sharon E. Mamolo This book suffers from a couple of issues. The world building is confusing and poorly explained. It is also dumped on our head within the first chapter in the most boring and unrealistic conversations I have had the misfortune of reading in my life. I kept asking myself while reading, Why are they talking about this when they both know this information? Oh yeah, because the author couldn't figure out any other way to tell the reader. STRIKE ONE!The initial scene where the heroine meets the hero/anti-hero/sexy-dude-who-will-rock-her-vajayjay, whatever you want to call him, had confusing and poorly executed dialogue. The heroine is apparently being flirtatious with the hero and his buddy. Sadly, the only reason I knew her flat, pointless dialogue was suppose to be flirting was the reactions of the two men. I didn't buy her seductive skills at all in this scene which made it really hard for me to believe she was as competent as the narrative insists that she is. STRIKE TWO!While the world that we are shown feels like a very lush, formal fantasy version of America. The heroine's dialogue and inner narrative has the tone of a modern American teenager. She switched back and forth between formal phrases to modern slang that equated to "No Duh, Dude." It was jarring and frankly, obnoxious. I didn't buy this girl as a lady or even as an adult, much less being anywhere near deserving the respect she was getting from these powerful characters in the scene with her. STRIKE THREE! I will say that the two male characters Malachi (half-blood elf) and Alek (elf) were intriguing and my curiosity with them kept me reading a lot longer than I should have. Though sadly the dialogue takes and descriptions in the scenes with them were so confusing that I had to reread several sections to be clear about who was talking when and who was the elf and who was the half-elf. This book requires to much suspension of disbelief and gave me nothing in return for my efforts. FLOUNCE!