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Switch - Megan Hart I got bored to tears by the opening of the story which was an info dump and the leading mentally masturbating over stationary. I like paper and pens, but this was page after page of detailed information on paper. She likes fancy types of paper, sealing waxy and calligraphy sets. I GET IT! I didn't need to beat over the head with this information and honestly she was such a vacuous, needy and painfully insecure character I flounced. Really, if you care that much about someone you hate that you spend that much time trying to find the 'perfect' present for them you have some serious issues and you need a therapist.I wish authors would realize that this level of insecurity isn't quirky, it's unhealthy at the least and severely disturbing at the most. Also, did I mention how boring it was? You shouldn't have to work this hard to give a crap about the characters and story.