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Brie's First Day of Submissive Training (Brie, #1) - Red Phoenix This is a free book, that is actually the first part (37 pages) of a serial fiction series) that I stumbled upon on Amazon. I should have judged it by the cover, but curiosity got to me and I had to see just how bad it really was. Here we have yet another self-published, should have been fan fiction, fantasy fulfillment (supposed) BDSM erotica. The set up is tissue-paper thin, the narrative is boring and flat. Seriously, it reads like dictation. The heroine is your typical Marry-Sue: unaware of her own attractiveness, inexplicable self sustaining and educated, but completely lacking in even the most basic common sense. The plot (I use this term VERY loosely) is painfully simplistic. Brie Bennett (the name alone should have made it a fan fiction) meets a well dressed, obviously (ridiculously) rich patron at the smoke shop she works at. He leaves her his business card, which is for a The Submissive Training Center “25 years of Excellence” (no seriously that's what it says). Brie of course applies and gets into said school and starts on her wondrous journey through the BDSM lifestyle by going to college for it. Like a kink fucking Hogwarts. Can you see my eye rolling? There is no actual conflict in the story (I only got half way through). Not even from Brie herself, who as far as we know has no experience with BDSM, but it takes her all of one day to go for the idea of the school. Oh, she does put in a call to the Better Business Bureau. (I wish I was kidding about this).All in all it is really fucking boring. Even the masturbation scene, which I'm sure must be taboo and exciting for someone who has never masturbated, but I actually skimmed it. *snore* Also the writing of the masturbation scene was so clumsy and poorly written I thought at first she was fucking herself with his lipstick, instead of a dildo. Then there's the BDSM, which is in some parts accurate, but only because large sections of the text is literally copy and pasted for a variety of internet sources (submissiveguide.com, wikipedia and even some tumblr posts). Many of these passages are from Brie's class on submission, a scene that was so brain-suckingly boring I don't know how any newcomers would ever understand how or why BDSM is sexy. Despite the author's use of internet resources this book misrepresents BDSM through a mixture of oversimplification and misinterpretation. It's like using google traslate, it will get you close, but unless you speak the language (even on the basic level) you miss the meaning. That kind of sums up this attempt at BDSM erotica. It's not accurate, entertaining or sexy. Plus because it is just the first segment in a series of stories, it's not really a complete book. Epic Fail!