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Teahouse - Emirain I stumbled across a picture of a panel from Teahouse while on an anime LJ community dedicated to Yaoi.Yaoi, also known as Boy Love, is a genre of Japanese comic books (also known as manga) and animated films/tv shows dedicated to male male romance. Yep, long before slash fan fiction and the rise of M/M romance the Japanese have been making an art of it for years. There are adventurous and creative artist/writers here in the West who have been inspired by this genre and began to create their own stories, art and original works. Teahouse is, in my opinion, at the forefront of this Western Yaoi movement.These talented ladies have created an Asian inspired art comic that also has very tangible western influences. Teahouse is a gorgeous comic, but it is also a complex story with well developed characters. The network of interconnected relationships and histories create an enthralling story that will keep you wanting more every week.This is a webcomic, which means it is posted for free online. That’s right, you can read all of Teahouse for free on their website. You can also buy hardbound additions of the comic (ONLY ON THE WEBSITE), that come with additional artwork and histories for the characters. *whispers* Also with extended sex scenes.Oh, yeah, did I mention there’s sex? FUCK YES! The creators do not skimp in that regard at all. When you first go to the site you have to past an age restriction block and trust me when I say that it is needed. This is an adult only comic in every way imaginable. After all, the story takes place in a brothel.The Teahouse is a house of ill-repute, with a host of tantalizing courtesans to tempt any patron of any persuasion. Each character is a unique, though some stand out more than others. Among my favorites are Lord Reed, and the new boy in the house Rory, who has copper-red hair, green eyes and blushes like mad. The interactions between these two have had me panting on the fucking floor, and NO I am not exaggerating. Their first sex scene is among some of the most beautiful erotic art I have ever seen in my life.If you’re a fan of slash or m/m romance/erotica, give Teahouse a try. I promise your eyes and pants will thank you. ;)