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Nether Regions - Jadette Paige First off, I received a free copy of this book from the author via GoodReads group Making Connections, for a fair and honest review. I do not know the author personally.I came to this book with certain expectations, which I own fully. The fact that it is presented as a fantasy story featuring a lesbian romance excited me greatly. While the book kicks off with a sex scene between the veteran warrior Threso and the attractive young recruit Kerousa, sex seems to be all that really is between these two women. In my opinion this story fails as a lesbian romance/erotica. The sex scene, while very detailed failed to come across as sexy to me. The stylized language utilized to give the story the feel of another era is primarily to blame for this. While it works very well in other scenes, but when it was used to describe the scene with an almost clinical detached details it destroyed the mood utterly.This book is more successful as a horror/historical fantasy story. I found the idea behind the story intriguing. Sadly, my disappointment over the poorly represented lesbian sex left me put-off for the rest of the story. I would not recommend this to fans of lesbian erotica or romance, but rather to fans of fantasy and horror. That is where the stories strengths lie and part of me wishes the author would have omitted the romance/erotic aspect of the story as it felt like more of a token inclusion to than a true representation.