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The Seduction of Mr. Morgan (A May-December Affair... with Her Stepdad) - Emilia Wiles I'm not going to beat around the bush about this one. This is kinky porn, but I've never been one to turn up my nose as smut, or taboo ones at that. So, when this was offered as a free download last week I gave it a try.Warning: If you haves issues with pseudo-incest (step dad and step daughter), cheating (he's still married to her mom) and straight up smut (this really is porn without a plot) than this is not the book for you. Though if you have issues with any of this I don't know why you'd attempt to read this book after seeing the summary. This is not a romance. The characters aren't redeemable or all that developed, but this is a book about the sexual fantasy of seducing an older man/father figure. This book delivers on that fantasy in spades and without a lot of the pitfalls you run into in fetish stories of this kind. I didn't catch any grammar errors, there wasn't any repetition of descriptions during the sex scenes and the characters stayed in character, for the most part. Don't get me wrong the sexual descriptions are raunchy, but it's appropriate for the style of the story. If you like these kinds of taboo fantasies and you want well written sex scenes with believable tension give this one a try. This delivers on the smut in spades and has writing/editing that is far better than most of the straight up ebook porn.