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Steps to Independence - 'Bruce L. Baker',  'Alan J. Brightman'

I'm hopping all over the book, which is something I often do with instructional non-fiction books like this one. Also, we're going over specific strategies in the Family Group meetings, and touching on a different sections of the book. 


The main part we covered last night was identifying 'challenging behavior,' diagnosing it's purpose and creating a plan to address/correct it. Having these guided talks along side the book has really helped bring the concepts home and give me some tools to help deal with the boy's acting out and tantrums.


It also has made me contemplate, again, creating a separate blog for all the Autism/Parenting stuff I'm learning and collecting. Maybe next year.


Side Thought: On the whole more books and training for parents of kids on the Autism spectrum NEED to provide help us a better understand of sensory issues and how they influence and affect children's behavior. I know my kids well enough to know when they're Stimming to get attention, and when it's a coping mechanism to deal with stress and/or anxiety, often created by the environment they are in at the time.


I noticed a lot of the other parents didn't distinguish between these types or situations or even take into account that the environment (grocery store, crowded park, some place new) might be triggering the behavior. 


I'm going to look for more books/materials that address these kinds of issues, and suggest tips to help the boys cope in less disruptive ways.