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Earthrise - M.C.A. Hogarth

For the record, I'm not 'officially' reading this book yet. I have too many other books that I need to finish, but that didn't stop me from reading the sample chapter.


[Cue a spastic fangirl freak out of joy.]



I am only halfway through the sample chapter, and I'm already in love.


Reese is the captain, and the only human on her crew, on her ship EarthriseHer mysterious benefactor has requested she go on an unorthodox rescue mission.


Right off the bat, I love the writing style, the diversity in the cast (all of which, so far, are non-human save Reese, but also predominantly female) and Reese herself. She feels like an adult, like a captain with a crew who depend on her to keep them afloat, but also a woman. A woman who reads romances, while running her own business and managing the motley crew of aliens, only two of which are humanoids. 


The book reminds me of the old school science fiction I used to read as a kid, with tones of very alien looking aliens, with tales, feathers and one that looks like a shapeshifting tribble. I love Allacazam. Fans of Firefly should give this a read. Earthrise has a similar sense of humor, and feel.


Again, I've only gotten halfway through the sample chapter, but I'm going to buy this book, and I can't wait to read it.