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Great Halloween Book for Kids and Adults.

Frankenstein - Rick Walton, Nathan Hale

Warning: I would not recommend this book for kids who are frightened or squeamish about gross/gory humor (like characters heads being cut off, though they are monsters and live through it).


I picked up a copy of this at my local book store and couldn't resist reading it on the spot. If you're a fan of monsters and/or Halloween (whether you have kids or not) this is a purchase you won't regret.

This is a monster spin on the classic Madeline (by Ludwig Bemelmansbooks, featuring a little Frankenstein as the mischievous troublemaker in the story. I am both a fan of monsters and I grew up on the Madeline books so I was in heaven. I giggled through the entire book, which got me more than a few sidelong stares from other customers in the store. I regret nothing!

The art is beautiful, very reminiscent of the original, but with it's own unique monster flair. The story, especially the writing style also echos the original, but with hilarious monster inspired twists on the original prose. Yet it tells it's own unique story about little Frankenstien and his friends. There is something here both old fans and new, kids and adults. Great book all around.

I would definitely recommend this for kids who love monsters and it is a perfect gift for Halloween.