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Forever Young - Jeff Erno

So far I like it. Robbie is sweet, and Colt is your typical stock leather jacket wearing bad boy vampire. I like his home situation a lot, very sweet LGBTQ twist on the typical vampire family. 


That being said, I've already run into a few editing mistakes, including a slip into 1st person from the 3rd person in which the story is written. It didn't totally pull me out of the story, but it was jarring. 


There is a dated feel to the dialogue and slang the characters use. While that's fine for Colt, it's jarring when it comes to the other characters. Especially the other teenage boys. 


There is so much info dumping that I've been skimming pages to get through the endless amounts of "here's Robbie's whole backstory and coming out" and "here's Colt's whole vampire life in a huge indigestible chunk of text."


I haven't read a Jeff Erno book before, though I hear his name praised up one side and down the other. While I like that his writing style has a very literary fiction, that kind of reminds me of early Stephen King, it's a bit dry. 


I haven't really connected with the characters yet. Though I'm warming up to Colt's gay vampire Dads, but not so much with the two leads. I'll keep reading and see what I think.


I will say, that this makes me look at the reviews of those who praise his writing with a more skeptical eye.