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I am SOLD on Sex Criminals!

Sex Criminals #1 - Matt Fraction

I grabbed this from Comixology's free section, based solely on the title and beautiful cover art. Sometimes the gods of comics smile down on you and today was the day for me. 


This was just fantastic. The narrative is funny and poignant. The story idea is original and unlike anything I've seen in media in a while. This is the joy of comic books, allowing off the wall concepts to live and breathe. Oh boy is the concept behind Sex Criminals is amazeballs.


I mean really, with lines like this:


"He played Sarah McLachlan. For the rest of my life, whenever I'd get a latte or see a sick dog, I'd think of my hymen."


And a hilarious scene of impromptu sex education in a middle school bathroom that involved drawing sexual positions with names like Twerging and Brimping on a stall wall with a sharpie, how can you go wrong?


Suzie tells us her story in 1st person, with a fair amount of humor and raw honesty too. I love how we jump around through her life, watching the very real experiences young girls go through when discovering their sexuality. Of course Suzie isn't just any girl, which she learns when masturbating for the first time and discovers her orgasm literally stop time and create a spectacularly colorful light show to boot. As she grows to understand and accept her unique power, while being an adult in messy regular world, her already strange life gets even more complicated when she meets Jon.


Sex Criminals weaves the complex female journey through sex and self discovery with an intriguing supernatural or possibly super hero element. It is so well written and beautifully illustrated, that after one issues I'm already aching for more. This is the kind of comic book I dream about reading. I can't wait to read more.