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Dark Space - Lisa Henry

Trigger Warning: Rape


Of course the gay boy gets raped. Of course it's "not rape" because [insert bullshit excuse].


It's not complicated. It's not hazy. There are no special circumstances. There are no exceptions. 






Even if the person doing the raping doesn't think it's rape. Or they have a gun to their head and will die if they don't rape the victim. It is still rape.


Even if the victim ends up falling in love or forgiving their rapist. IT IS STILL RAPE!


If you're going to use rape in your story don't cop-out and try to call it something else. Not only does it do a disservice to your characters, but it contributes the confusion about the definition of rape in real world context. 


If you're going to have rape in your story, commit to it and deal with the consequences. If you can't DON'T USE IT!


I am so tired of this gross, inaccurate portrayal of rape in fiction, so much so that this may have just ruined this book for me.