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Long time geek, fangirl, mother, and reader. I've got a lot to say, you might not like it all, but it will be honest and hopefully helpful.

"Just as you don’t need to have serious aspirations of becoming a professional musician to learn how to play “Für Elise” on the piano, and you can carry a sketchbook around without being expected to become a fine artist, we should encourage everyone to create their own Star Trek (or Star Wars, or Harry Potter, or whatever) stories simply as a way to exercise their own imaginations."
Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World - Christina Lauren, Lev Grossman, Tiffany Reisz, Rachel Caine, Jen Zern, Heidi Tandy, Rukmini Pande, Samira Nadkarni, Wendy C. Fries, Jolie Fontenot, Randi Flanagan, Tish Beaty, Cyndy Aleo, V. Arrow, Brad Bell, Andrew Shaffer, Darren Wershler, Anne Jamison, Jules Wilkinson, R

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