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Selective History of Fan Fiction, indeed.

Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World - Christina Lauren, Lev Grossman, Tiffany Reisz, Rachel Caine, Jen Zern, Heidi Tandy, Rukmini Pande, Samira Nadkarni, Wendy C. Fries, Jolie Fontenot, Randi Flanagan, Tish Beaty, Cyndy Aleo, V. Arrow, Brad Bell, Andrew Shaffer, Darren Wershler, Anne Jamison, Jules Wilkinson, R

A few reasons why ignoring Anime fandom in a book about fan fiction is it miss represents the true history, and multicultural roots of media based fanoms.


Case in point: Kink Memes got their start in Anime fandom (Bleach fandom in 2007 to be specific). Also Twilight fandom regularly used the Anime fan fic term "lemons" to describe stories with explicit sex.


Not that Asian culture only gets noticed when it's exploited by Westerns...



I'll take white washing fan culture for $200, Alex.