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Toxic: I've read 18%.

Toxic (Truckee Wolves, #1) - Belinda McBride

This is cute, and a little sexy, but it's not blowing my mind like I hoped.


While the eroticized chocolate scent/taste thing is quirky, it kind of feels excessive for me. Then again I'm not an über fan of chocolate. Adding in that the female lead is a woman of color hits a little on the whole chocolate/cocoa skin fetishism that's a dime a dozen in erotica about women of color, black women in particular, which bothers me. So far I'm bored with her, and the over use of chocolate/food sexual metaphors.


Rico seems interesting, when he's not being a typical, overprotective (aka sexist) alpha male. Which is totally a legit trope for shifter fic, but it's also so over done that he's annoying me more than he's turning me on. Bad sign for an erotic novel.


I'll keep reading, but this is settling in at a resounding meh so far.