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Because of her: I've read 10%.

Because of Her - K.E. Payne

Lesbian YA FTW! 


Finally a YA book that really feels like something I would have read as a kid, AND feels like realistic teenage life. The coming out scene was so mundane and short that I nearly cried at how true to life it felt. Now, that's out of the way, and we're back to real story, which is Tabby's struggle with crushing on a girl at school, while still carrying on a long distance relationship with her first love, Amy. 


Poor Tabby, I really feel for her. Young love is so intense, and realizing that it may not be as solid as your thought is such a confusing and painful experience. No matter who is the first person to pull away. Though I have some suspicions about what Amy might be up to.


I adored Tabby "stalking" Eden at the canteen. It was so hilariously awkward and adorable. We've all been there. Or at least I have. 


A bonus is how authentic Tabby's friendships with Libby and Greg feel. Their conversations ring true, funny and honest, but never artificially so. A lot of YA authors can trip up when writing dialogue for teens, either making them sound too immature, or overly intellectual. Payne is striking the perfect, believable balance. It makes it so easy to fall (head over heels) into this story.


Obligatory Happy Lesbian Gif!