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The Journey Continues and Keeps Getting Better.

Journey Into Mystery: Fear Itself Fallout - Kieron Gillen, Robert Rodi, Whilce Portacio, Pasqual Ferry

Journey into Mystery Fear Itself volume two picks up where volume left us hanging. Thor is still imprisoned by Odin, who is determined to defeat his enemy, The Serpent, by destroying new Asgard (aka Earth). But Loki has a plan, and it might just work, if it doesn't get him killed.


This is big bold storytelling with a sense of humor and hope that left me smiling with a tear in my eye. Packed with action, even more fascinating character development (not just for Loki) and great twists I never saw coming, but left me pleasantly surprised. 


I can't say too much about the plot, because [spoilers], but I will say that it is a fun fast read, with an ending that is both up lifting and heartbreaking. I'm 100% sold on this new incarnation of Loki, and the fantastic new take on the old chestnut of a redemption tale. Though redemption isn't the right word, to me. Loki isn't seeking forgiveness, so much as balancing the scales and becoming a man who would make his brother proud.


The art is flawless as ever, I'm seriously going to find and frame some panels. Of course the storytelling is equally great. I just can't recommend this run enough. 


*runs off to buy the next volume*