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Women Authors Don’t Need John Green to Succeed by Amanda Duncil

"Love him or hate him, John Green is a powerful force in YA publishing. But lauding commendations on his shoulders for turning a generation on to a long-standing and previously thriving genre is not only presumptuous, it’s offensive to every other author in the business and plays victim to the trope that an author’s crowning achievement is to be the front-runner of it’s genre. Big-name blockbusters emerge from the every genre on a regular basis, but no single instance should be viewed as the absolute driving force behind the genre. Literature is highly subjective, but the reason many mass-popular titles come into popularity can usually attributed to an effective marketing and promotion team. Publishing is no simple matter.


Relevancy aside, it’s a challenge to find recent articles about YA lit that don’t focus on Green; his name tends to to dominate the discourse, even when it shouldn’t."