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Long time geek, fangirl, mother, and reader. I've got a lot to say, you might not like it all, but it will be honest and hopefully helpful.

"Almost any woman can land in the “impure” camp and be blamed for sexual violence committed against her. “Impure” behavior isn’t limited to being sexually active, either -drinking, staying out to late, or, in some cases, not being white all qualify as well.

Take Cassandra Hernandez, a female Air Force airperson who was raped by three of her colleagues at a party where, yes, she was drinking. After she went to the hospital and filed a report, the Air Force treated her to a harsh interrogation -so harsh, in fact, that Hernandez decided not to testify against her attackers. Instead of giving her the treatment she deserved, the Air Force charged Hernandez with underage drinking and “indecent acts”. To make matters worse, Hernandez’s three attackers were offered immunity from sexual assault if they testified against her on the indecent-acts charge. So, in effect, she was charged with her own rape."

- Jessica Valenti - The Purity Myth