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Ms Marvel #1 ANMN - C. Willow Wilson

"Popular media generally has a problem with representation. Fictional worlds are often designed by and for straight white males, and this can subtly affect how audiences view the real world. Comics are no exception, portraying muscular white males, or exaggerated expressions of the female form. But those traditions are being broken. One of the most exciting new characters breaking this mold is the new Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan. Kamala is a teenage Pakistani-American muslim girl, a far cry from the comic pantheon of Captain Americas and Supermans. So is Kamala a step in the right direction for media representation? Watch the episode and find out!"


If you're not reading Ms. Marvel drop everything and GO READ IT NOW! There are only two issues out so it is easy to catch up. Kamala is a die hard fan girl, and superhero fan. She writes fan fiction and is one of the most authentic portrayals of a teenage girls I've seen comic books in a long time.