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I've read 13% and I'm loving it!

Sharing Space (The Complete Series) - Nina Perez

Seriously! I love Chloe SO much already. She has so many layers, and I love watching her interact with family and friends. I especially love how the book doesn't shy away from any of the issues of race, but instead meets them head on. 


As for Patrick...gah! I'm falling already falling, and this motherfucker had to do was smile. But it's all in how he smiles and his interactions with Chloe. I've just started the first chapter from his POV, and it's only making me love him more. 


I've already mentally cast these two, which is a clear sign I'm sinking hip-deep into the fangirl zone, but I can't help it. This story is what I've been searching for in a contemporary, multicultural romance! So much love.


[Fan casting: Nicole Beharie as Chloe and Sebastian Stan as Patrick. Seriously, can these two be in a movie together, like yesterday?]