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Things #WeNeedDiverseBooks Supporters Are Sick of Hearing.

“If you want more diverse books then just go write them”.


Gasp, none of us ever had this idea before! We were all just sitting around grumbling and hoping such books would appear out of thin air. Thank you for correcting us all, oh anointed one. But seriously, this is the same kind of defence lobbied at anyone who dares to dissent with the accepted norm. You didn’t like that movie? Go make one of your own. The meal you ordered from the restaurant is undercooked? Get in the kitchen yourself. The government is putting damaging policies in place? I don’t see you running a country any better. It’s pure deflection at its best. People have been writing these stories for a very long time. Stories as diverse as the authors who tell them have been told for generations. The issue here is the lack of visibility given to them. The books published are by and large focused on white characters, on cis characters, on straight ones who are practically interchangeable with one another. This doesn’t in any way reflect the make-up of the world’s population, especially in the USA and UK. If our art doesn’t reflect us in some way then there’s a big issue, and the publishing industry should be working actively to rectify that.


“It’s all just political correctness gone mad.”


Ah yes, “political correctness gone mad”. Also known as “basic human decency”. If you are so personally offended by the idea that some people would like to read stories about characters who aren’t white or cis or able bodied then that says way more about you than it does about the campaign.


The entire thing is fantastic. GO READ NOW!

Source: http://bibliodaze.com/2014/06/things-weneeddiversebooks-supporters-are-sick-of-hearing