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An Adult in the YA Room: A Response to THAT Article

"By highlighting only a few very popular books, you called out your own flaw in your model. Yes, “Twilight” and “Divergent” are both rather fluffy compared to the vast majority of adult tales where nothing happens. Meanwhile, your converse titles, “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Eleanor and Park” are not as good as anything adults write simply because they are about teenagers doing teenage things, and teenagers are not as sophisticated as adults. Even if these books have their faults, there is no denying that both have the same exact makeup as many of the books I assume you like. They are literary. They have the same level of prose as many very popular literary books that win awards, and both Green and Rowell have won awards for their literary prowess. That does not make them lesser, and maybe if you sat down and actually read a few of these books, books beyond the titles that make the news for movie deals and red carpet premieres and bestseller lists, you would begin to unravel the real world of young adult fiction and realize, “Hey, this is good stuff!”"
Source: http://bibliodaze.com/2014/06/an-adult-in-the-ya-room-a-response-to-that-article