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Female Authors of M/M romance and Internalized Misogyny

"Authors Z. A. Maxfield, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane, Anne Tenino, and Josephine Myles gave new insight into why women write gay romance fiction."


“I’m tired of women’s nasty, mean games, and don’t want to write about them,” Amy added. Backbiting and undermining of friends’ goals and aspirations aren’t often found in gay romance since men are more direct in their interactions.


Mary echoed this thought by saying, “I don’t want to write about bitchy women.”


ZAM said the equality of the partners is much more interesting to her. “There’s an equality at the beginning of the relationship that’s a very powerful dynamic to explore,” she explained.


Good to know that only men can have equality in their relationships. /sarcasm


*adds these authors to her never read ever list* 

Source: http://www.donotlink.com/lm6