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"Because making out in Anne Frank’s annex is disgusting and disrespectful!! They are two very privileged caucasian Americans who have never known starvation, genocide, or physical abuse. And they are KISSING. IN ANNE FRANK’S. ATTIC. WHY IS THIS NOT A THING THAT EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT???? People shat their pants when Justin Beiber wrote “hope Anne would have been a belieber” but APPLAUD JOHN GREEN FOR HAVING HIS PRIVILEGED PROTAGS SNOGGING INSIDE THE PLACE SHE SUFFERED IN???! "
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Henna Lucas - Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars


In case you were wondering, the kissing in Anne Frank's house is in the movie too.



Source: http://motherhenna.tumblr.com/post/75224698822/why-i-dislike-the-fault-in-our-stars