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“Sponsored By…” – Book Blogger Integrity and Conflicts of Interest.

Recently, there was some social media discussion among book bloggers and reviewers over the potential breach of ethics regarding a prominent book vlogger called Christine Riccio who did not issue a proper disclaimer over the promoted content of her video reviews. While a brief line in the text description of at least four of her videos noted that the publishers had “sponsored” them, there was no mention of that in the video itself, except for a vague moment of being asked to talk about the book in question in one. Many, including myself, considered this to be a major conflict of interest. While she claims all opinions are her own, there’s nothing written or said by Riccio, who has over 100,000 subscribers, on what she had to do as part of the sponsored deal or what the publisher expected from her as part of this arrangement.


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Source: http://bibliodaze.com/2014/06/sponsored-by-book-blogger-integrity-and-conflicts-of-interest