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DNFing Can't Sexism in a Lesbian Romance

Visions - Larkin Rose

<b>Disclaimer:</b> A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

I'm DNF'ing this one. I like the sexy bits and the writing is good, but I can't stand the characters anymore. The causal use of "bitch" and "slut," not to mention Paige slut shaming other women, when she's an exotic dancer, pretty much ruined the book for me. Aside from Paige's constant shit talking about other women, I thought she was an interesting character. I was really intrigued by Mayson, but they both dropped into these gross stereotypes of competitive catty women from time to time, especially with each other, and made it hard for me to care about them. Their ridiculous fight was the last straw. If anyone treated me the way these two women treated each other in that scene they wouldn't be allowed within fifty feet of me, much less in my bed.


It's all really disappointing to see this much hating on women in a lesbian romance of all places.