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An Alleged Pedophile Will be Attending VidCon


This year at VidCon, you might not see a few familiar faces. Tom MilsomMike LombardoAlex DayLuke Conard, and many others will either not be there this year or will be very low key. This is because of the bravery of individuals who have come forward and talked about their experiences of abuse from these men.

There’s one name (that you probably wouldn’t recognize) that should also be on the list of no shows. But he’ll be there at VidCon this year. He’ll be there, in part, because I lacked the bravery of people like KristinaHayley G.ShannonOlga, and Rosi and publicly name my abuser.

His name is Stephen Purcell.

I first met Stephen in 2011. We connected through OK Cupid. In the process of getting to know Stephen, he shared with me many confessions. One of his first confessions was that, at 270 lbs, I was not his type. So why date me? As he also later confessed, he "wanted to use me for my connections".


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Source: http://uncultured.tumblr.com/post/89771412362/vidcon-attendees-beware-of-stephen-purcell-trigger