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Okay, but not for me.

Uncommon Romance - Jove Belle

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


I have mixed feelings. While the sex in all three of these stories were certainly steamy, I had some problems with them too. I still think some readers will enjoy it, but it bothered me enough to take away from my enjoyment. Still they were sexy short stories.


My first issue is with the conditions in the writing style of the sex scenes. They were flowery, but “cunt” was used as a descriptor. I don’t have a problem with the word, but it felt out of place and took me out of scenes.


I also had issues with what read to me as tones of heteronoramativity. What I mean is each pairing had an aggressive and a passive partner. The aggressive partner was like a female versions of the typical Alpha males you see in heterosexual romances. At times it was so similar that I bet if I swapped “he” for “she” in a few of these sex scenes a reader wouldn’t be able to tell it was originally a lesbian sex scene.


This is a problem for me because lesbians are not just men without penises. Lesbian relationships and sex aren’t interchangeable with heterosexual ones, and they shouldn’t be written that way.


That is not to say that there might not be lesbians who act like Alpha males in bed, or I realize that these are sexual fantasies. Especially since the women in these stories are white, middle class lesbians who are contemporaries of the women in mainstream heterosexual romances. So I'm sure there are readers who identify with these characters or to whom these fantasies might be appealing.


So if this sounds interesting to you, and you’re looking for a quick, sexy read this might be the book for you.