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Meh with a dash of problematic cover art.

Sky High, Bone Deep - N.M. Harris

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


The story is short and steamy, but the characters lacked depth. I didn't really connect with them, which can be a bit of a mood killer for me. There was a bit of kinky play, but that's all it was "play." I wouldn't shelve this as BDSM. This is more of the light play that vanilla people do to feel "naughty." Meh.


It's a quick sexy read, but little else.


Additional Note: I was thrown off by the cover which clearly displays a woman of color, yet the book makes no mention of it (or at least none that I could find). So I can only assume that either the author just never bothered to put Lily's ethnicity into the story, or the cover artist assumed that by using a black & white photo of a woman of color she could pass as white, or they couldn't even tell she's a woman of color. I'm put off by all of these possibilities, especially since the cover art (which promised a woman of color) was a big reason I wanted to read the story in the first place.