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Great Read for Kids.

Catwoman's Nine Lives - Matthew K Manning

I picked this up for my 7 year old son at Comic Con. He loves Batman and reading. I figured this would be a great way to get him interested in bigger books. We're reading it a chapter at a time for story time, before bed. I decided to read ahead, cause I'm a cheater face, to make sure it's still going to be okay for him and my 5 year old son. 


It is great. While the book is obviously targeting younger reads they do not skimp on the storytelling or characterizations. Catwoman is snarky, Batman is stoic and the story doesn't dumb down the reality of Penguin and the Ventriloquist being dangerous criminals. The tone of this book reminded me a lot of the awesome Batman animated series from the 90s.


*cue epic fangirling moment of flails*


The format is new to me, where they interlace comic book pages into with pages of text to tell the story. At first it confused when I thought the comic page was simply illustrating the text on the page, but once I realized how it worked the story flowed seamlessly and the boys really liked getting the treat of images in between listening to me read. 


Overall I give this a great book for kids and adults alike. It feels like an episode of animated show, including the adult subtext to the relationships and humor. I'm going to be picking up more of these for my kids and my nieces who are big comic book fans too.