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On the Presumed Heterosexual Cisgender Audience and Writing LGBT Romance.

Content Warning: The linked post contains references to transphobic slurs and homophobia.


"Usually this argument goes "well this is what sells because this is what these cisgender heterosexual women want to read. I wish it were different but if you want to sell books you just have to put your ideals aside and get back to writing bare-chested firefighters."  This is a problem because it supports the status quo and shuts down important conversations that need to happen. It also paints cisgender, heterosexual writers and readers in the worst possible light, as more interested in getting off than being allies.

Over the last three years that I have been actively writing in the romance genre I've come to the conclusion that this argument and assumption just needs to end. Whether or not it is based in any kind of statistical reality, we need to stop relying on it. 

Not only does it shut down important conversations that need to happen but it also automatically assumes LGBT people are outsiders in a genre that deals primarily with representing them. It also assumes that the most important voices in the LGBT romance community are cisgender heterosexual ones."


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This whole post is so on point and well worth reading. As is Ottoman's timeline on Twitter. 

Source: http://thisjourneywithoutamap.blogspot.com/2014/08/on-presumed-heterosexual-cisgender.html?zx=6c5531bb4f2492c8